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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Product Review: Pure Beauty Super Brightehing Toner

When I was under Accutane, my facial skin became really sensitive. My skin's bestfriend was just Cetaphil Liquid - I use it as a cleanser and moisturizer. No toners, no anything. My derma clearly said that I can only try other beauty products after months off Accutane therapy. So, after a year off the acne drug, I had all the liberty to try and explore tons and tons of beauty products! First stop, Toner!

When I went to SM to pick up some beauty stuffs, I spotted this illuminating rack of beauty products. And I saw PURE BEAUTY's Super Brightening Line. I was drawn to its "Super Brightening" slogan and became curious. I grabbed a box and red the product details. And I stopped. "Made in Korea." I returned the product. You might be wondering why I hesitated at first... I had a very bad experience with a certain Korean Skincare Brand and made me breakout like crazy! But I smell something really special about this product that made me think twice. And so I bought it.

Pure Beauty Super Brightening Toner

Pump Bottle


The product

This toner has a slightly thick consistency but it's not sticky when it comes in contact with the skin. It has a very nice floral-herbal-y smell that is not at all bothering. It comes in a huuuuuge bottle of 150ml! It's being sold at Watson's at an introductory price of 263php, 20% off of it's SRP. 

My face is not at all smooth because I am at war with my acne scars left by Accutane and failed beauty products/regimen. It's also dark, darker than the color of my neck, maybe because of not using sunscreen and shadows of the pitted scars I have. But only after 2 weeks of using Pure Beauty, I can see the results of whiter skin! My face looks brighter and less oily, more supple and smooth and I wake up with a better facial skin everyday! This is my own version of "Beauty in a Bottle"! This is definitely a permanent resident of my boudoir and I want to complete the whole Super Brightening Line!! And I can say that I am impressed with it's brightening effects! Indeed, a promise fulfilled!

Price: 263php (Please correct me if I'm wrong) :)
Where to buy: Watson's, SM Department Stores

- Huuuge bottle of 150ml!
- Smells so nice!
- Hygienic Pump Bottle
- Comes in a plastic bottle, good for travels (and clumsy-ish girls like me!) haha
- Feels fresh after application
- No "stinging" effects
- Good oil control
- Superb Whitening properties!
- Worth every penny!!!

- None I can think of!

Will I repurchase?:  Definitely!

Beauty Points: 5/5


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  2. Hey, I am on roaccutane now, 30 mg per a day plus diane 35 birth control pills.Well I am so happy to find your review, because I am also soo intrigued by this line.I am using la roche posay H cleanser foam, I guess I can try this line's cleanser before the toner you mentioned..My skin is not very dry, no redness, anything,so surprising I know, but it is just ok )Have you got any idea about the other products on this line?
    Loves from Turkey:)

    1. I've been using the eye cream for a while now (i'm on my 2nd tube)and it works hmmm not much, though my undereyes didn't whiten, it however stopped from getting any darker! :) The cleanser is nice too!


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